“The Students @ FBK” seeks to glorify God by connecting students to Jesus.  From engaging worship services to mission projects throughout the year, we are about making disciples in this generation.  As we know, the world we live in is scary and exciting at the same time and the students today are faced with a multitude of choices as to how they will align their lives.  Our desire is to give them firm roots in who God is, understand what He has done for them through Christ’s death, burial and resurrection and then launch them into the world as disciples to spread the gospel!

We also understand that as a student ministry, our focus can never exist solely on the students but also on the families as a whole.  We seek to come alongside families with resources and support, understanding that parents have the most influence on the spiritual growth of their students.

All students need to have a current medical release form on file before participating. The form must be completed annually. Download the form below and return to Pastor Patrick.